When is it time to retain a Lawyer?

Q. John was just involved in an accident that wasn't his fault. He has suffered serious injuries and will probably miss a substantial amount of time from work. Should John hire a lawyer immediately or should he attempt to handle his case himself?
A. A popular saying in the legal field states that "a person who represents himself has a fool for a client." Although you do not need an attorney in every case, certainly the more serious the injuries, the more inclined one should be to hire a lawyer.
Some reasons offered in support of the immediate hiring of a lawyer are:
1. A lawyer has experience in handling these cases.
2. A lawyer has knowledge of the laws.
3. A lawyer has knowledge of the local court procedures.
4. A lawyer can commence an investigation.
5. A lawyer can provide even ground in negotiations with insurance companies.
6. The insurance companies have hundreds of lawyers...shouldn't the victim have one?
7. A lawyer has an understanding of the value of such cases.
8. A lawyer provides objectivity to assess the case.
9. A lawyer will prepare the case allowing the victim to concentrate on physical recovery.
10. A lawyer knows what steps to take to properly handle the case.